Saturday, January 21, 2006

Everyone knows whipped cream isn't whipped cream till its been whipped with whips!

GAH!!! Whip cream hell last night!!! I was pretending to be mean to everyone, and then Connie put whip cream on the back of my neck!!! EWY!!! And then it melted and dripped down my back!!! Double EWY! *sigh* everyone's sooooooooo mean to me.

I could post more, but I don't know what on... I'm so exausted and I slept for nearly 10 hours... and yesterday I got 11... whats wrong with me? *sigh* I crashed at work and at one point was curled up on the floor in a ball laughing uncontrollably... not good.

THanks Cole for the pretty flowers, didn't notice they had blue orchids, I love them <3


Cole said...

no problem!

becca said...

Love you, hunny!

You know, this post reminds me of a conversation I had with Tammy a few months ago:

*Tanja comes through the door toward the sink where Becca and Tammy are washing their hands*

Tanja: Eeeww, I'm all sticky. I've got syrup on me.

Tammy: You know, some people like that sort of thing.

Tanja: With syrup? Naw...maybe whipped cream.

Tammy: No...whipped cream stains.

*Becca grows increasingly uncomfortable*

...ah, yes. Good times at Denny's. :P

Dez Dez said...

Thought she said it left a rash... and I had that exact thought having remembered you telling me that story, and became concerned it was going to...

becca said...

Oh, hey...that's right.

Jeez, I DO suck at life...can't even remember my own stories...

love you!