Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I can't take this heat.. seriously... I feel like I'm drowning, just by walking... DROWNING!!! Is that natural??!?!? Its sooooo gross, I feel so drained, and dying, and sticky... at 11 o'clock the temperature was recorded with the humidity at 48' C..... its supposed to continue to climb untill 3 o'clock!!

In randomness (or.... not) I'd really REALLY like a pet squirell... for serious... I think it would be a lot of fun. They keep such good company on the bookfield, imagine if I had a real one at home. I would really enjoy it i'm certain :D


GopherX said...

I love the feeling of laying there in that kind of heat after some intense sex. That super sticky sort of melty feeling you get is awesome.

But other than that kind of a moment I totally feel your pain. Heat is terrible. >_<

Mom said...

You are a bad girl hitchhiking. Your father laughed at me when he told me about your adventure. So your fathers bad also as I am sure he told me just for the reaction. Any way don't complane about the heat we have had lots of rain and back down to 15.
Have a great night love Mom.

Mel said...

hey my friend!! It's back to the lake for me as of tomorrow, so if you want to leave me a message on my cell i'll be moving to within range once a day to see if anyone has called! miss ya lots!! xoxo

JJ said...

Dude. A squirrel would RULE! So would a chinchilla...or both. You could have both and they could hop and skip and play and have death-matches all for your amusement. Brilliant plan.

Cole said...

YAY! I squirrel would rock.. but you just can't have one it is like lays potato chips you just can't have on. Soon you will have a army of squirrels at your command.. Maybe i am need soem sleep... hahah yes it's raining here lots. I love it so cool to sleep in so refreshing not having to wake up in my own pool of sweat. hahah hope every thing is going well love you lots miss you tons

PS it's my brithday

safromhell said...

i still say that cole was hatched not born. and you must have 5 squirells. like my gramma in calgary. they live in her trees and she gives them peanuts everyday. :)