Monday, October 09, 2006

Houston, we have success!!

SO! Another thanksgiving come and gone. Good food, really REALLY sweet ice tea... lol.

AND! An apple pie for the fridge!! Woo hoo!! I'm never going to be able to stop eating sugar.

Still think i'm really sick tho..... I've been having the WORST dizzy spells since I got home. NOt cool... not cool at all. BLah.

SO! I actually get a day off next week. The only catch is I have to work at Sportchek Friday 3pm-10pm, and Daddyo's Friday 3pm-10pm. THen i can have Saturday off!! Isn't that nice?!?!? *sigh*

Anwyas.... sleep I need, for I must collect Cole at 9:10am tomorrow.


GopherX said...

Apple pie? WTF? It's thanksgiving god damnit. There better be pumpkin in there somewhere!

Jen said...

I had, like half a Costco pumpkin pie to myself...soooo good...sooooo full.

Heidi said...

mmm, I had leftovers yesterday and the day before from thanksgiving, and slept instantly both times from the turkey right after. good to hear you had a good thanksgiving!

GopherX said...

Good girl, eating your punkin pie...Unlike some people. *glare*