Saturday, October 14, 2006

They're fattening me up to cook me in a stew!!!

So I come home last night... and what do I find on the counter?!?! A huge box of chocolate bars, AND a huge bag of chocolate bars. So after ridiculously stuffing my face for a while, I pry myself away with some hidden shard of discipline (<- why does that spelling look so wrong...). So this morning I plead with my mother, why?!? Why is there so much readily available chocolate there?!?! She said to ask my father, but being the loving mother she is, she hid it for me. It made me sad, cried a little, but its for the best. So she leaves to ride ponies, so I start an epic search for breakfast... and boy do I ever find it quickly. I had Rolo Ice Cream. *sigh* I will be fatter than Becca at the rate I"m going... AHA!!! I found them... oh god I have a problem... this is an addiction worse than smoking.


Jeremy said...

Mmmm Dez Stew. *drool*

I think the readily available chocolate might be because of the rapidly approaching Halloween...Though who would come all the way to your house is beyond me. You'd need an ATV and a machette just to get there.

Rolo ice cream is definately the breakfast of champions.

Cole said...

yuor mom is so loving:D

iconic_dork said...

no matter what you look like, i'll still love you!!

unless by Becca you meant the penguins. then no dice. pengu ruined penguins for me.

for life.

Heidi said...

Hahaha, come to my house Dez, we have so much chocolate and candy, you will never leave!!
*evil snicker
(more evil little snickers)

(I have Snickers bars here)

GopherX said...

Snickers > you

Anonymous said...

What a pot of self centred, selfish, useless drivel from someone who has no respect for others or for their property, and who, if everything was as it should be, should be prosecuted for her childish, inane, disresptful and illegal us of other people's images with no respect whatsoever for their copyright status.

The "gimme" generation is thus characterised and, in this case, it is a perfect match.