Saturday, October 21, 2006

Holy Crap

Wow.... I haven't posted for a week. How unlike me. Um... gosh, whats happening with me? Oh, right, nothing. I work. I go to school. I work. I sleep. I work. I see a friend for a moment or two. I work. Thats pretty well it. Tho I will confess I did get Wednesday off, but I worked 2 shifts today.

IN other news, my sister is ACTUALLY getting knee surgery this monday. So taht will make life interessting. Especially since on Monday, or Tuesday the horse my mom was riding fell down and the end result was my mom having a swollen sprained knee. So now we shall have two family members down with not so good knees. Interessting...

Today was a fun day. Went to Melissa's house THREE times... was awesoem!! I do not see my friend nearly enough. Also, took Jenny around town and took many pictures with Spirit Bears (which I just learned we've missed 5 in PG, plus 1 in 100mile house). Also, the Terry Fox statue... since that one and the author of tha tbook on 3rd ave are the only statues we seem to have in town. If anyone thinks of otehrs let us know. But these pictures involved odd poses, and my Mickey Mouse hat on both us and the statues.

There was something else I wanted to discuss, but I dont' recall.... I"m to sleepy for this.


GopherX said...

*calls of ninja search and rescue team*
Yeah I was a bit worried about the lack of posting, but now I see that you are fine. ^_^

I hope your sisters surgery goes well!

Cole said...

Yeah I hope evey thing is goign to go well for tiffany! and there is but hes pretty big.