Thursday, October 26, 2006

The wheel weaves as the wheel wills.

I'm sure many of you can relate with the above. Some in different ways than others, especially us WoT readers, but I find that saying to be so true... Things happen as they will, and all we can do is the best we can. Some ppl have great influence over our lives, and things always work out as they should. We don't always like the "should" but it is what it is.

So, my sister is permanently glued to the couch in recovery from knee surgery. I deffinetly don't envy her at all, she is LITERALLY stuck on the couch; she sleeps there too b/c a bed is to soft for her. But she's getting some good drawing in (did an amazing sketch of her and a friend) plus some reading and good movies. Mom's knee is also getting better, which is a good thing; and in a mere few days her and Dad leave for NY for a day short of a week for The Powerlifting Worlds. So thats exciting.

Had an awesome weekend/begining. Moved in with Mel to keep her company and fight off evil scary house noises... seriously, they're freaking creepy. But it was so awesome. We talked and watched sex and the city and ate chocolate and stayed up way to late at night, but it was awesome. I misses my friend.

Finally got the brakes checked out. They've been screamin somehting fierce and I"ve flat out avoided using them b/c the screaming means they're dieing. SO, got breaks from Canadian Tire, and today mine and my fathers schedules finally coincided enough to check em out. Only to discover a few things like: A) They sold me the wrong fucking brakes. B) They don't ACTUALLY need to be changed. Why they're screaming we don't know, but for the most part, apparently my car is ok. We were going to check the timing as well but we could'nt for the life of us figure outWHAT the timing should be at. So that'll be another day. But the coolest part was I got to take my tires off with the air gun. This is the part my father generally does for me, but today it was all ME! So cool. Scary at first, but then cool. I love knowing how to fix my car and do things for myself. It was hilarious tho, I couldn't for the life of my get my one tire BACK on the bolts... and my dad just stood there and LAUGHED at me. It really was hilarious.

Watched Over the Hedge tongith!! Made me SOO Happy!! Naturally I LOVE the squirrel!!! SO much!! WIth taht I shall leave you with a picture of a squirrel i found entertaining, and head off to bed.


Cole said...

hahah the air tools are awesome they make the job so much faster. WOW... that so exciting for your dad to leave for NY. I hope he does well in the power lifting

GopherX said...

Stuck on the couch eh? That gives me a fantastic idea. But I'll need a couch, a truckload of Zap-a-Gap and Zac...

"The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills."
"Shit happens."

Ink Monkey said...

Well its Wheely cool that your sis and mom are getting better and that your cars in working condition as well :)

Well Wheely looking forward to z part-a on sat hope to see ya there.


heidi said...

hahaha, wheely, haha!
Don't worry Dez, the car making squeaking noises is probably just from your tires screeching around corners you crazy crazy driver!! wELL AT LEAST THAT'S WHAT WAS THE PROBLEM WITH MINE. nOW MY TIRES ARE BALD :(
what book number are you on now?