Friday, November 24, 2006

Forget the cafe latte, screw the raspberry icetea. A hot toddy for you, a vodka slime for me!

Hee hee... so fun, tonight bought some mix and shit, then came home and mixed everyone a drink! :D Was kinda nice! AND!!!!! I didn't get drunk off my one ounce of vodka... tho my cheeks are quite red and hot :S

SO! Bartending school is GREAT!! I love Linda, she's so wonderful, and the course itself is just FUN! I'm getting it really quickly, and now I"m trying to learn to flair!!! I actually genuinly like mixing the drinks, I think bartending would be alot of fun!!

Thanks to everyone who came to my birthday and/or phoned me!! It was an awesome day!! Yes, I remember all of it, and yes I had a tonne of fun. It was just great seeing everyone, and going dancing!!!

So, as to the lack of posting lately... I apologize. I've been spending my few moments of internet time on DeviantArt checking out photography, commenting, organizing my site... *sigh* I love it!! So yes, thats what I've been doing... when I'm not dreaming about bartending, or fantasizing about men and wolves :S

P.S. hopefully soon I'll actually be selling my photos on the internet through DeviantArt!! SSOOOOO COOL!!

Remember, those who live in glass houses sink ships!

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GopherX said...

Perrin is t3h sex.