Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I was in love with Sarah Jessica Parker at the tender age of 6.

Its true!! Last night, I watched Hocus Pocus with my lil sis, and WHO doth play the blonde Sanderson Sister? Sarah Jessica Parker!!! Made me tres happy... also, Dani, the little sister, is played by the same actress as the Empress in Dungeons and Dragons.

Happy belated Halloween to everyone!! Hope you had a spooktacular evening.

So my parents left yesterday morning, and will be gone till next monday. The wonderful part... they also left NO FOOD IN THE FRIDGE!!! There's next to nothing, and I"m to cheap to go grocery shopping... at least I work at a restaurant, Tiff's going to have to start living off canned beans and mushrooms... we have lots of those.

20 Days ppl..... till my 19th BIRTHDAY!!!! WOO HOO!!! I think we're all goign to go for dinner, then hit every open bar possible then, Denny's b/c I"m drunk, then home to puke and pass out. All who want to accompany are welcome!! lol!!

Anwyays, running late for work, as always, g'night!


Ink Monkey said...

Wow Dez your gona be OLD lol eh heam any who. What day is that? Ill see to book the day off :)

Later Dez.

Cole said...

waht is with that squirrel it's dance scares me!

JJ said...

So, I posted. And it's not February yet. Hah.

GopherX said...

I will be there.