Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bacon, Brussel Sprouts, Blogs and Balls.

SO! My dear and loving parents... left for NY State as I've already stated, AND on top of that, left NO FOOD IN THE FRIDGE!!! There are no eggs, no fruit, no vegetables, we ran outa milk... its horrible. So for breakfast I ate brussel sprouts and bacon. And we're nearly outa that to boot.

GAH! I had all these wonderful things to post about, but now besides brussel sprouts and bacon, I can't remember a darn one. *sigh*

So ya, bday is the 21st of November for those curious to see Dez drunk.

So...... I will finish teh horribly incomplete post iwth a picture of MY baby brother/nephew/cousin/mom's best friends first born child.

OH! WAIT! SO tomorrow I will be teaching my english class how to make roast chickens with a hanky!!


Cole said...

SO if you come to class tomororw i wil buy you breakfest in between classes.

Ink Monkey said...

MMMmmm so lucky... Bacon and Brussel Sprouts, I wish. Booking the 21 of asp lol. later Dez.

Ink Monkey said...

Btw the Squirrel ownz lol.

becca said...

Oh, so THAT's how Dez spent her Halloween...stealing costumes from little children to give to HER nephew.

My nephew is very upset about this, you know! :P

safromhell said...

like i said come to alfredo's i will make you dinner for your b-day

GopherX said...

That kid is INSANE...Lookit 'im! He's got the crazy.

Brussel sprouts aren't so bad. I bet you I could make decent food for at least three days on what you have left in your house. :P

Roast chickens with a hanky eh? That sounds like a valuable life skill.