Saturday, November 04, 2006

To see the world through frost covered glasses.

I could've if I would've put them on immediatly upon finding them. As a few of you may know, the glasses were missing... the longer they were missing the more panicked I was becoming. So I started looking in the strangest of places... I could picture them there. THats whta the mind is for, making up shit when you lose your glasses. Anyways, my imagination lead me to a snowbank. See, I grabbed all my stuff and me and Tiff left the house, we treked out to the car, I opened the backdoor of the Corolla, I put my stuff in, I drove off, THEREFORE the glasses MUST be in the snowbank beside the car... and tehy were. Alls well that ends well.

I'd show you a couple pics today... like of the peacefull snow scene that is my yard, or the flaming red that is my hair...... but somebody stole the digital camera!! Not really, in fact, if I was forced to guess I'd say my parents took it iwth them to Lake Douglas or w/e they are. Speaking of which!!! This is my blog and I may post w/e I wish, so I have bragging rights!! My father is the World Champion of powerlifting in his age and weight category!! He however missed his target total by 10 kg. But he nearly attained it........ he HAD the 55o lbs bench, however one elbow was slightly bent apon locking out, and they misloaded his 2nd deadlift by quite a bit throwing things off, so his 3rd attempt was what he planned for his 2nd attempt, so he lost 10kgs there to. But it doens't really matter, sounds like he had a great meet, he does the bench only on sunday, then they're home again on monday!!! So proud of him :)

Anyhoo, things to see, people to do!!! Also!! Concern for alot of you tells me that you should look at this link


GopherX said...

Your dad is t3h cool. Powerlifting rocks. How old is he though?

Cole said...

YAY! tony!