Friday, April 13, 2007

Gah Dreams!!

I had an overwhelming amount of dreams last night... each one more realistic than the next... unfortunatly, the longer I am awake, the more they start to fade, but I'll quickly try to recap them.

The first, and biggest piss off. A few of us from BP decided to get a cabin out on Bednesti (random? yes) those going were Me, Jessie, someone I can't remember, and Kody... a guy who doesn't even work at BP. In the dream Kody was single (he's not) and he tried to kiss me. However, I was still all heartbroken over Ben (thats still true) and didn't kiss back... he then got all sweet and caring and sappy and talked to me about it, and I said that that was nice, but I really truely missed Ben (also true). He said that that was great, that Kody and I should be togheter (wtf?!) and he wanted to hear when I was missing Ben... so effed up. Then we were getting ready to head off to the cabin, and I saw Ben, and told him who was going, invited him up as well, told him me adn Kody were getting close... and Ben said "Well, don't be too silly... you konw in the end we're going to get back together." And then he kissed me!!! And then he told me I should grab some clothes, and come get some real sleep, which I thought meant come to his house, so I grabbed the stuff I'd need for the next day but he'd left w/o me, so I thought he just wanted to meet me down there, so I got in the car, but on the way I ended up stopping at Patience's and it was Christmas, and she offered me a Pornstar or Showgirl (drinks) but I had to decline, cause I was on the way to Ben's, and we all talked about who was spending what holiday with who b/c everyone was divorced, then we decided on New Years at Patience's, so I left again, and Ben wasn't home. Fucked up eh?

Next, much shorter... I was driving, and Kaylee, Jen, Steph, and I had just arrived in Edmonton, we were driving and I saw a Big Box Store that said Don's Photo Shop (the photography shop I intend on finding when I get to Edmonton) so I slammed on the brakes, and drove towards it... then I woke up. Both of these dreams seemed so realistic, and I hate that b/c I wake up and I have to re-establish reality in my mind. And currently, I'm not a big fan of my reality. Bah dreams!!!

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