Friday, April 13, 2007

True Love: Fact or Fiction? defines it as

True: being in accordance with the actual state or conditions; conforming to reality or fact; not false: a true story.

Love: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

Wikipedia defines love and all its forms, but not true love.

I'm not sure if its the post Valentines feelings, or the romantic movies and books I've recently re-picked up again, but I find myself longing for a relationship. Not just any relationship tho, the earth shattering relationship with the sparks and pizzaz to last a life time and then some. But the thign I want most I only see on TV or read in books, which makes me wonder, is it real or fictitious?!

*edit* Ok, so this is how far I got just before the the next nearly 2 months of hell started relationship wise. It started with casually seeing a boy, starting to like the boy, freaking out, flirting with other people till I ended up kissing another boy, dating that boy for a while, till I realized I made a huge mistake and was supposed to be with the first boy, me and first boy start dating. Oh and wasn't it wonderful... till I fell in love, then stupidly told him, then had him freak out and put us back on "friend" terms. Which has really been a week of me crying and him fucking with my head. But funny that I said I wanted a relationship with sparks and pizzaz... b/c thats what that relationship was. Wonderful. Pure happiness. Right up untill the last week that is. Which leads me back to my early statement, is true love real or fictitious? Obviously what me adn boy had was not true love, or he wouldn't have run away. But it WAS incredibly good (said by boy on many occasions) and it had that fast relationship movie quality.

Lets look at the many types of relationships (recapping from Jenny's earlier post on marriage) there are people who are genuinly happy together, and in love, blah blah blah. There are people who are together for the benefits they get out of the relationship (trophy b/f/g/f, money, support, feelings of love, happiness) so essentially, all relationships are based on using the other person, be it for good or bad is irrelevant. Now you say, what if a person is in the relationship for the feelings of the other person, living to make that person happy? I say, if making that person happy makes you happy... same fucking diff, you're in it for your feelings of happiness. If making that person happy makes you want to light your hair on fire and punch yourself in the head, you'd walk away.

So if love is really a mutual use for another person... can it really be true and absolute? If you love someone, can you really set them free?!

This post is a little pointless, I have no answers, no points, no conclusions... just a lot of bitter bitter emotions and experiences.

So if love makes the world go round... stop the world, I want to get off.

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Cole said...

I will stop the world and melt with you... My biggest problem is always trying to define love. But you can't for love id different for every person. The closest I got to discribing it is Romance and that's what we read in books and see in movies but they call it love. So we grow the conection of romance to love . But they are two seprates things you can love someone without being attrated to them like your firends and family. So yeah.. ture love is finding the combination that fits for you i other things..

this could all me bull shit but oh well.*hugs*