Sunday, April 08, 2007

An Update of Sorts

Well... I figure I should actually fill everyone in one whats going on in my life. I'd rather not have any comments, I don't really need sympathy, but just to let you guys know Ben and I broke up friday morning. Kinda mutual, kinda not. I was going to end it b/c he was being hot and cold and I didn't feel I deserved it. However, apon arriving, I realized how happy he made me, so I couldn't do it, but after an hour of talking he said part of him wanted to be with me, part didn't, so he decided to just stop. Sucks, alot. we still talk, which I'm not sure how I feel about.... its crazy how one person can cause so many great emotions, and then so much pain. I'm ok though. I'm Dez. Just... hurting for a little while.

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Susie said...

Dezeray, I think you need another one of those outings where I buy you chocolate cupcakes. Therefore, I am requiring you, by decree of bananapants (the all powerful leader of people who carry around bananas in their pockets in case they need a snack), to pick a time that is in the near-ish future (though not wednesday or thursday, as i am examful and studyful those days), and i'm buying you a cupcake, and there is no way out of it