Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Roller Coaster That is Life

Everything is up and down, down and up. I'm sure all of you can relate! The boy and I aren't together, but he's still hot and cold on how he treats me. I'm up and down about how I feel about the situation... from fine, to randomly crying. So frustrating.

In other news tho, I had my mom's side of the family Easter Dinner tonight... there were 19 people there!! Quite crazy, but I had a good time... not counting being stabbed by my mother with a fork in the belly button, stabbed in the throat with a knitting needle when trying to escape my mom's tickling, ramming my knuckle into the wooden coffee table while playing SNAP, and then lastly tripping in the dark and falling chest first into a wheel barrow handle :S. All that aside tho, it was still a tonne of fun with my cousins. We shot some pool, played some SNAP, had some racey conversations... all in all good. I even ate a full meal :D though it was the only one today...

FINALLY got the spark plugs changed in the car... only to discover my rocker cover is leaking leaving my spark plugs all but floating in oil and me needing to change the gaskets. Blah. Frustrating, but good that I"m finally dealing with this crap.

Getting more and more excited for my trip to Edmonton April 27-29!!! Going to pick up some nice clothes, and some camera equipment!! Might look at some tack as well... very exciting.

I may drive myself out before going tho... yesterday I went for 3 seperate drives, the 3rd one with a person I had a huge falling out with that landed us just outside of McBride... was great to talk to him again, though I still have hard feelings, maybe we can fix this.

Lastly... I did h/w tonight! Hurray. It was actually a good way to keep my mind off things, and stay busy.

Even more lastly.... I am SO sick and tired of feeling like I'm sucking on pennies... my god!! It LITERALLY drives me insane. I've gone through 3 packs of gum in half a week... ridiculous!!!! I HATE THE PENNIES!!!

Anyways, that will be the end of this transmission, this is Dez signing off.


safromhell said...

try nickles they taste better. :P

Cole said...

MAn i miss edmonton I remeber getting lost there and having to find the dicrestion from the cheese cake lady and my first strip bar and roller coster ride!