Thursday, April 26, 2007

What is this envy nonsense? What does luck have to do with anything?

Warning: Rant.

Why is it that when you do something, be it anything good, people are "envious", or think you're "lucky". I recently spent $1400 on a new camera, and when I told a friend of mine, she said I was lucky. I ask how? She replies b/c I have the money for it. SHE can't afford a new camera b/c she has car payments. Now have any of you LOOKED at my car? I love Stevie to death, but she's no Corvette. I made a choice, I bought a beater car so that I could bust my ass saving money for months to buy a new camera. She bought a nice car and is now making payments. Neither of us are lucky, we have different priorities and made choices based on them.

I told another friend that I was considering trying to get a job on a cruise ship this fall. His instant response was he was envious. Of what? The fact I'm willing to fill out an online application form and attach a resume? Whats stopping him? Or does it come down to the fact people lack ambition and drive, and are jealous that people are willing to take steps towards the thigns they want in life?!?

I may never understand it... its all about choices people, make them.


Cole said...

Well if she took marketing she would understan New "luxary brand"I did my case study on it:D. People now a days will pay more for certain Iteam like a new camera or a computer and less on other like clothes,food, make-up, totlet paper. I have friends who spend over 100 a week on video games .That's ok for them I would rather spend on rent instead of living at home. But your friend seems to be a bit of a consumer which means she wants it all now.

Your exatelly right about the other person they are envious. They don't have the courage or the willingness to let go and do something out of the ordinary. So people are even fear change any cahnge is bad. That's why you see people in jobs they don't like.

becca said...

Dez, you have a car AND a camera AND a potential job on a cruise ship!? Lucky!!!

Hehe, kidding...

See you soon, hun!

A.J. said...

I envy your strong opinion about envy. I wish I could form opinions like those.