Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Should change the name from "I saw a squirrel" to "Theres no such thing as love get over it"

Ok, another, bitter against love post, but what do you expect, I almost always have been, and almost always will be! Right now I hurt so much for a few of my friends close to me. No names will be mentioned, but you all know your own story.

Case # 1-Girl and boy have excellent happy relationship, one day boy isn't sure, boy isn't sure for a week, girl says make up mind, boy says friend, boy doesn't know why. Girl heartbroken and angry.

Case # 2- Girl and boy happy. Boy leaving for good in a few months. Girl heartbroken.

Case # 3- Boy girl married. Marriage constantly up and down, on the rocks, hot and cold. Very not happy nor healthy.

Case # 4- Boy girl happy. Girl overwhelmed by school, asks boy to wait for her. Boy waits. Boy's best friend moves in on girl. Best friend and girl date w/o telling boy. Boy crushed.

Case # 5- Girl and boy date for over a year, move in together. Boy cheats on girl. Girl makes boy leave, girl heartbroken.

Does that not really cover all different types of heartbreak? Its tragic... when I heard the end of case 4 I actually started to cry b/c I felt so bad for boy. Same with case 5. Girl is tough on the outside, but I know she hurts so much inside, and I feel for her. The only thing good about these cases is that they make my case feel less bad, but it doesn' take away the hurt.

In other news, I got my new camera. Have had no inspiration to take pictures, but hopefully that will change with my trip to Edmonton. As a warning to all, i'm going to get new hair, new clothes, and intend on comming home whole again with new attitude. Change is what I do best, and a 4 day trip is the PERFECT recipe for such an occurance.

Quick recapp of this week, went to a fantasia party bought Vitamin E oil and bath salts, had coffee with jenny... in vanderhoof, changed the gaskets in my car broke the cam bolt fixed the windshield washer fluid muffler is falling off, played with ponies, made 20% in tips at work tonight, cleaned approx 30% of my room, wrote my accounting exam.

Upcommin events, final exam tomorrow, leaving for Edmonton for 4 days on friday, going to see "The Love List" with Kirstin on tuesday, Melissa leaves for 2 months on thursday *heartbreak*, Cole has his Capilano interview via phone at 1:40 on tuesday (NOONE phone his house between 1 and 4 pm), intend on cleaning at least another 30% of my room tomorrow, need to pack tomorrow, work my last shift for nearly a week tomorrow, hopefully doing a photo shoot for a CD cover somtime in the next week.

With that I should actually study some more and get some sleep... WHO plans exams for 8 a.m...? its really just cruel and inhumane!!!

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Anonymous said...

Case #6 Boy likes other boy. Ohter boy doesn't like men in that way. First boy is heart broken.