Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Whoop whoop!

Hello imaginary bloggers!!!

So about those cookies, I made some, mom ate goddamned near all of them!!!! Mothers, I tell ya, she's like the fricken cookie monster!!

Classes are good, kinda nice in an odd way to be back in school, but sad b/c I have no friends in my classes, and no Cole to occupy my time inbetween classes.

I've fallen off my horse twice in the past 24 hours... but both were exceptionally good rides, go figure.

Now the above mentioned put my already wrecked body in a further state of wreckedness!!! So off to see my chiropractor I went. I really want a bumber sticker that says "I <3 my Chiropractor" Seroiusly, it took 6 or so adjustments to get my hips and tail bone in, she adjusted near to all my vertabre, my neck, a few ribs, my colllarbone, then she put my shoulder back AND my jaw!!! I'm so excited about the jaw, its been messed up for months I just never thought to ask my chiropractor about it cause I always go for my back!!!

Anyways, enough rambling... and not that anyone cares but 17 days till boy is back!!!


safromhell said...

hey i am not imaginary, people just wish i was :)

Craig said...

Dez! Be careful on that horse! Jeez! hehe. I am gonna have to come harrass you at work again soon, I think, 'cause I don't get to see you nearly enough

Cole said...

whose got internet Cole's, Got internet!