Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it!

So I've noticed that our little online community of bloggers is slowly coming to an end. Nearly noone updates anymore, but I will for my own sake, lol!!!

First off, lets discuss Vancouver!! I left on friday and came back very late monday. It was very excellent. My little cousins have grown so much, Max is very nearly walking! It was excellent to visit with my Aunt and her husband, we had a BDay party for Max, his very first! Also saw Cole's new place, and hung out with him for a while which was very good!! Misseses him very much. Leaving was so hard, as it always is... Tessa was nearly in denial about our leaving, then reduced to sobbing and wouldn't speak to us. Jack pleabargained with me, saying I should come back Thursday and we could watch w/e movie I wanted, or play outside, or play with his toys, or w/e I would like!!! Made my heart ache, thats for sure.

After an actionpacked weekend of film photography, I am deffinetly missing my digi!!! Really, once you switch to a DSLR its hard to go back to just an SLR... hopefully it will be back in 2 weeks... 4 at the latest.

There is probably so much more to discuss... but my blogging skills aren't what they used to be anymore, so in quick summary:

Horses; still fat and happy
School; Still attending, AND I've been doing h/w :D (Praise me)
Boy; Very excellent ;)
Family; Alive and kicking
Bedroom; Disaster
Work; Whoriffic...

And with that I believe I shall give my adieus, have a nap and continue with my day! Au Revoir!


Cole said...

Hey you! I am alway reading peoples blogs. I really want to get in the habit of posting again. We could be posting buddies:P So let me get this straight you are doing homework? Weird... jk lol. Miss you lots *hugs and kiss*

P.S. Return calls sometime:P or just text message

safromhell said...

i am still here in blogging world, when i have time, or something funny to say :P. no grasshopper go, you need no more from me today. (not that you got much good anyways :))

becca said...

Whoreiffic? I do like this new word of your's, Dez.

I called you a couple of days ago! I miss you!...I will have to try again soon. What is your next weekend looking like? Other than thanksgiving and potential work? 'Cause, see, my ENTIRE family (all of the siblings...except, perhaps, my sister...don't know) will be home, and my parents want to do pictures. Which means we need a photographer...

They'd be willing to pay you, they already told me that! Interested? I'll try calling you soon as I can dig myself out from my mountain of homework I've got going on here. *sigh*

HUGS! I love you!