Monday, October 15, 2007

I may hate myself in the morning, but I'm going to love you tonight.

So in happy happy news, I got Fred back!!! He's all fixed and ready to jump into action again!!! Also, my car, entirely clean and has remained that way just over 2 weeks. And even crazier, my bedroom is entirley clean (i'm actually sitting at my desk atm) and has remained this way for over 3 days!!! Praise me!!!!

So in SAIT news, I can't actually stay in Res b/c I'm not enrolled in a "full time program" so I'm looking into off campus housing which actually seems to be a better deal. It also looks like I will only be gone approx 4 months. First day of classes is January 7, and last day is April 15, so not bad for 8 differenty classes!!

Continuing with photography school news, November 1st I start a photography class here in town!!! Very excited, makes for long thursdays; first class at 12:30, last class ends at 8:30, but it should be good!!! Very excited to learn, and improve.

Bah, blogger sucks. I was going to tell a story about my saturday night at work using pictures, but I can't upload them... suffice to say Steve was being creative and we all had to much time on our hands, pictures to come :)

Untill then, I should get started on that Law assignment. (i'm doing h/w, PRAISE ME!)

So Steve made a little house. In the door way of the house was 12 packs of matches, inside the house and chimney were oil soaked napkins.

The house was engulfed quickly.

The heat was great enough to melt the plastic milk crate.

Colby decided enough was enough, and tried to put the oil fire out with water.

When that didn't work (3 buckets later) Jodie flipped it over a couple times to put it out. What a fun night :D


GopherX said...

Yeah, living in Res is almost always more expensive than off campus housing...That's the price of convenience.

It really doesn't take much to melt a milk crate...I fused a stack of 12 of them together by having them next to the heat exhaust from the kitchen...

safromhell said...

i am taking away your lighter there little girl

Cole said...

hahah. Poor Steve's house i hope he had insurance on that:)