Saturday, November 03, 2007

Walkin In a Winter Wonder World

Wow, alliteration much....

Anyways, yes, for all you non PGers, we've got SNOW and LOTS of it!!! Infact, more than 10"s in my yard by about 6 o'clock tonight. And blah! what a day it was... all these things kept getting in the way during the day, then by nighttime they were all resolved :S

Also, for halloween I was an anime character and my sister was strawberry shortcake.

I am now sleepy and will go to bed, adieu.

Bah! Bloggers being a bitch, all you get a picture of is my yard 2 days ago, goodnight.


GopherX said...

Awww I want snow...:(

safromhell said...

i am sick, i want chickin soup. and i hate snow.... now i go to work :|

becca said...


...would you be mad at me if I told you that currently, I am too hot because the sun is beaming down through my window?

*ducks to avoid a snowball*

I love you!

Cole said...

Yeah this weekend was shorts weekend it was so hot out, it's like the desert here hot during the day freezing at night