Thursday, January 03, 2008

Alive, free, exhausted.

Well, I've arrived in Calgary at my new place of residence safe, sound, and exhausted. There isn't really alot to tell... the plane was really like a can of sardines, but I survived. The taxi driver was really nice :)

The roommate seems pretty cool... reminds me of the lawyer off Idiocricy, but he's friendly and easy going, I'm just going to be a little starved for some After I unpacked we sat around watching The Simpsons. He's at hockey now so I've got the house to myself... which is less odd now than when I arrived earlier and noone was home. But its cool, my rooms all setup, which is good, but i'm way to tired to explore the area. Tomorrow I'll find out about bus routes, and go grocery shopping and other such things.

Ok, I really don't have much more to say... lets face it, I'm beat, but here are some pictures of my room after I got it all setup... taken from my cellphone. Enjoy.


Cole said...

YAY! Your room looks awesome. I should post room pictures too.:D Naw, well I am glad everything is going good.

P.S. Your phone takes better pictures then my camera. :(

Sonja said...

I agree. Those are damn good pictures for being taken from your phone.