Friday, January 04, 2008

In a mad world only the mad are sane.

Aaaaaaaamen! Cause I'm going nuts... NUTS!! I did my NAILS tonight!! Me!

So yes... tdoay... I hardly slept cause it was SO cold!! So I drug myself outa bed about 12 hours after crawling in it, made a minipizza for breakfast (the roommate said I could have w/e I wanted in the fridge) had a shower, and set out to find food!!! Its pretty nice, I'm about a 10-15 min walk from a mall... tho its one of the more messed up malls I've been to... theres a cluster of businesses here... and another cluster across the parking lot, and another on the other side... and some more across that road... but its all "one mall" and some signs at the mall entrances are talking about businesses on the opposite side from that sign... but ya, found a "Linens and Things" where I purchased a blanket... it was marked 34.99, the cheapest I could find, cool, w/e, apparently it was originally 79.99 on sale for 34.99... whoa. Seriously, i wouldn't of paid that, its not that great. Then it was off to Safeway to deal with grumpy ppl practically shoving me outa the way to get food, and then me shelling out way too much money for such little food... I'm probably going to end up going back on Sunday to get through the week... so expensive. But I did earn airmiles :D Cabbed er home, unloaded groceries, made lunch. Watched bad TV. Listened to music.

THEN! I had a cookie fiasco... I love baking. I'm good at it. I bought some premixed Chocolate chip cookie dough crap so I could make cookies w/o buying 12 ingredients. O... m... g... apparently I need to make tehm from scratch, it was aweful. The dough turned out fine, put them on my aluminum cookie sheet I bought for $2 (Peter has only lived here about 1 1/2 months, so he's lacking MANY cooking things) but the oven door shut on my arm when I went to put the cookies in the oven, shifting cookies and wrinkling my sheet... then they all expanded into one cookie, so I had to cut squares out of them... the 2nd batch I put in turned out better, but there were only 3 cookies... seriously, worst cookies I've ever made.

Then the roommate made some tortellini with cheese sauce and shared it with me. Very nice. We watched more bad TV, he left, I watched TV some more, did my nails, wrote a letter, then he came back with his friends and we watched Waiting, and now they're gone again and here I are. But I think I need bed soon... what else could I possibly do?!!? lol!! Sorry about the horribly boring post, welcome to my day :P OH! I was so excited, the bookstore is open tomorrow so I was going to go buy my software, but to get software you need your student ID which you can get at the campus centre which ISN"T open on saturday... *grumble grumble*

Don't get used to me posting this often, it will peter off once I get a life.


Craig said...

Hey Dez! I'm even more sorry that I missed Ashley's B-Day Party 'cause I missed getting to say good-bye to you too. I hope everything goes extra swell, and... umm... Happy New Year! haha. I will miss getting to visit you at work. Good luck!

Cole said...

hahah... well it's better then shoveling snow for 4 hours:p Working on a ski hill with lack of works has it's down falls.

safromhell said...

i really can't imagine you without a life! it does not happen

Ashlyn said...

Thanks for writing this.