Saturday, January 05, 2008

So I have this talent...

I forgot to mention yesterday!!! In the midst of watching mindless TV I learned something!!! I learned all about the Red Breasted Nuthatch, and how it can hop down trees, and lives in coniferous trees... yes my life is temporarily sad.

Atm I'm watching The Simpsons, earlier I was watching Family Guy. Oh, I wandered the opposite direction today, found a Riverstone Pub, and a tanning salon. At this tanning salon you have to have your own eye protection, fair enough, and the ones I bought are pretty cool, they're just 2 seperate pieces, AND having lotion is highly recommended. Its because Calgary is sooooooo dry, and apparently dry skin doesn't tan. Anyways, I have noticed since arriving my skin getting drier and drier.

I also reheated leftover pasta and added chicken and peas, scrubbed my face, put on a face mask, pumiced my feet... yup.

SO! About the title!!! I have this talent for meeting parents in the most awkward way possible... allow me to add a new one to the pile. This morning (11 a.m.) I hear the doorbell ring... now I"m only just waking up, and figure Peter will get it. A minute or 2 later it rings again, so this time I actually haul my sleeping body out of bed to open the door... I'm in my PJs, my hair is smushed off to one side, and what little makeup I have on is smudged. I open the door.... and get to introduce myself to Peter (my roommate's) dad. He looked pretty shocked... very entertaining.

Anyways... yup, thats my day! OH right! SO! I have a scheduling conflict with school... one that never originally existed. See they resent me my class schedule in December, but it looked the same, so I thought nothing of it... closely examining it today I observed the switched my intermediate photography class from thursday to tuesday, so its at the exact same time as my portrait photography class. Anyways, I wont' go into the details now, I'll fill you in after I talk to someone at SAIT on monday... tomorrow I'm going to buy more food!! And take the CTrain to the library... or something.

Ok, i'm going to entertain myself for another hour or two, then bed... maybe i'll unload the dishwasher...

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Cole said...

Your days sound so magical. How do you keep up with yourself? :P jk Miss you tons hun. You really do have a nack for meeting people in on situations... well you being the one in the odd situation.