Friday, January 25, 2008

A Calgary Day in the Life of Dez

Just an insight to my crazy day today...

Woke up at 8, got message from Dustin to call him at work when I woke up, called talked to him for a bit.

Was tired, went back to sleep.

Woke up later, felt like crap, avoided getting out of bed. After a while, went on computer (still in bed)

Finally got up around 2 pm. Breakfast choices, Perogies, Hotdogs, or Eggos. Had some eggos.

Watched Simpsons, had shower, did makeup, couldnt' find work shirt, start panicking and throwing everything everywhere. Find it in first place I originally looked, its black, not my fault.

Run to bus stop... bus a few minutes late. Get to C-Train, JUST miss train, next one should be 5 mins. 3 Trains come down the other side while I wait for my C-Train.

Get on C-Train, get off C-Train, book it across parking lot, arrive at work at exactly 5 o'clock, still have to change shoes.

Change shoes, glance at schedule posted on back wall. Do not work today. Work tomorrow... dammit. Confess to management try to see if anyone wants to go home, go back to C-Train.

Do some banking, find mall, REAL shopping mall.... doesn't actually have what I want, go to Safeway instead, buy food to expand meal options.

Come home, put groceries away, change into comfy clothes, sit down with laptop in front of TV preparing for relaxing night.

Roomate comes home slightly tipsy with tipsy friends. Drinking ensues, plan later to go to bar. More friends arrive.

One guy overly drunk, annoying, spilling, stumbling. Blah.

Make friends with one of roommate's friends g/fs. Talk about school, show her pictures. Somehow I am convinced to go to bar.

Call cab for drunk guy. Drunk guy gets in cab, then out and comes back to house, cab drives away.

Call another cab, one for all of us so we can go to bar, and take drunk guy home. Drunk guy decides to walk home before cabs arrive.

Cabs arrive, we get 2 houses down and see drunk guy lying on the side of the road bleeding. Stop, look at him, nose appears broken, shove him in one cab and he is taken home.

Arrive at bar, which is one of 2 bars located INSIDE the University of Alberta. Know the bouncer, went to highschool with him... random.

Stay for a while, get bored and sleepy, catch ride home with one of roommate's friends. Stop at Wendy's first, get frosty!

Get home, phone Dustin to inform him of my survival of going to the bar. Doorbell rings. Drunk guy's parents. Hang up on Dustin. GIve parents lowdown, send them off.

Phone Dustin back. Chat for while, very nice. Watch episode of Simpsons, then plan to go to bed.

About to brush teeth, hear roommate come in complaining. It is not roommate. Is drunk roommates assistant hockey coach. Hockey coach got into a fight at the bar and was given a ride home with teh police.

5 minutes later, roommate and head coach show up. Tell me the nights story, confirm happenings with drunk guy. Much drunken rambling continues.

Post on blog, going to go to sleep.


Jenny said...

That's one crazy night!

Hopefully the severe drunken idiocy wasn't too much of a piss off. Really good story though!

Tony said...

I thought I missed those days, but after reading your story I don't. It is great entertainment though as long as they don't drag you in to far. Then there is the next day when you have to explain to them what happened. ahh great times.
later kido

Cole said...

hahah. oh what happy people in Alberta.