Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What a day, what a day!

"I don't live life, I tolerate it" Brad Zimmerman

Really, looking on today, just nuts!! It was already supposed to be a busy fun filled day!!
Get up, do some pilates, stretch, do some laundry, have breakfast, go tanning, move laundry, shower, go pick up ticket for George Carlin, take a picture of SAIT building, go to bank to deposit paycheck, go grocery shopping, put groceries away, go to school, go to George Carlin, go to bed!!! That was the just the PLAN for the day... heres how it actually went.

Wake up to Peter's alarm... it doesn't stop. Fall back asleep incorporate alarm into dream. Wake up again, its still going, get up go turn it off... lie in bed listening to music, get up, pilates, stretch, put the laundry in, have breakfast, procrastinate, go tanning, come home and go to change laundry, basement completly flooded... figure washing machine was leaking and not hooked up or something, so I start bailing the water into a mop bucket, empty mop bucket in kitchen sink, do this 5 times and realize water level NOT going down, am now running late, write Peter a note explaining, whip over to Jubilee to pick up ticket, doors from ACAD are locked... get instructions from someone else on how to get into the building. Those doors also locked... want to cry, only have 1/2 hour to pick up tickets, find someone else who directs me to the other side of the building, tell ticket lady my name and give her my ID, she informs me I need my confirmation # which I don't have... panic, start rapidly thinking how I could get access to my hotmail account in next 20 mins, lady likes my name and prints ticket w/o confirmation #. Find CIBC deposit cheque, get home, apparently roots grew into the main drain and blocked it off, cost Peter over $300... feel better knowing its not my fault, however still running late, figure I have enough time for shower since hair is greasy and I feel icky, no hot water (discovered after removing all clothing and standing in shower) get dressed, do make up, try and do hair, fly out the door, just miss the bus... randomly another was right behind it, catch it, go to class, class bores me, then when I get the handouts for the part I'm missing I discover its GOING to get interessting after I leave...

Get to the Jubilee to watch George Carlin... it was excellent! Brad (or Doug, cna't remember now) Zimmerman opened for him, he was (or claims) to have been a waiter for 25 years... SO funny! And SO true, and gave me some TERRIBLE ideas... may I not have a weak moment and use some of his material in the first couple weeks of my new job :S but in my last couple weeks... bring it on :D And then George came on!! I will admit now, after seeing his most recent DVD I was a little concerned about this $75 show b/c the DVD was so depressing adn I actually fell asleep while watching it :S But there was nothing to worry about. He actually did the bit he's goign to do for his 15th HBO special this March 1st. He's 70 years old now, which he likes to think of as 69 with a finger up his ass... but it was great, I laughed a tonne, approved of arguments he brought up about his country and the way the world is going... it was really great, I'm so glad I went!!! Was worth the trials of the day. And now I"m home, posting on my blog waiting for my pizza to get here.

OH! Just a quick note on the Jubilee, it is a gorgeous classy theatre. All the "refreshment stands" were selling wine, beer, highballs, specialty coffee (I'm in alberta, can you tell?) and it was just really nice. Also, rich ppl are terrible... now this is kinda an overstatement, but our tickets said the show started at 8pm and we were unaware of an opening act... from what I could tell by 7:50ish the balcony's were all full, nosebleeds were ready to see George, at 8:00 the ppl in the VERY front rows were still wandering in!! Wtf mate?!!? Also, forgot to mention, being a single helps. In talking to ppl around me I gathered that I bought my ticket after them, but had a better seat than them... the rows are 11 across but b/c most ppl come in couples that leaves an empty seat on the end that keeps getting skipped as ppl buy in pairs. There were only 4 rows between me and the stage, the guy directly in front of me, there on his own, the guy directly behind me, there on his own, to our rights, couples. We were to the far left, but still good seats... of course the 6'4" couple had to sit in front of me and keep their heads together all cuddle like all ngiht, but I managed to lean enough to see well all night. Anwyays, I should post this and go wait anxiously for pizza!!! G'night to y'all!


Tony said...

I am still jealous. So the show was good did he have a lot of new material (I'm still jealous. Well you are not missing much here. I think I'll go out and push some snow.
later gater

mom said...

Mommy finaly figured it out how to post.

Cole said...

I am with your dad on this on. JEALOUS!!! I would love to hear what he said about our government and about the world. Well it's good to hear that in the end everything worked out:D

Mom said...

Well it sounds like we all missed a great show. Aren't you glad I gave you such a unique spelling to your name. Kantana & Apollo say hi.

becca said...

I miss the Dez. I hope you are well, my dear!! Very cool that you got to see Carlin--and I hope that pizza was worth the wait. :P