Monday, January 28, 2008

The daytime of the night! ;)

K, has anyone had frost bite? I have a lump under my eye, that is really itchy right now, and kinda reminds me of a hive, but I was thinking maybe its from the cold, since its the only part of my body that was exposed to the elements today... any thoughts?

Anyways, it was -47 with the wind this morning when I walked to work. Hurrah. My legs were SO frozen, it hurt SOOOOO bad... so I bought longjohns to wear under my pants after work, I went to 2 different Marks Work Warehouses, and the 2nd one had only ONE pair of small... and they aren't the waffle iron ones that I wanted, and they really don't help. OR if they do, I dont' want to know how cold I would've been walking to school :S

Also, why is it when I leave my home town to live somewhere else for a bit, I experience the most extreme weather... in St. Catharines it was like +39 with the humidity it was +50, and here in Calgary its -38 with with wind its almost -50... In 2 years I've experienced a range of 100'c, crazy!

We did the night photography shoot I've been looking forward to since arriving. Some of my work is posted below! Of course to see my finished works, go to

The city of Calgary WB set to Daylight

The city of Calgary, WB set to Auto

Other part of Calgary... I like all the sparklies in this one :D

Calgary, long exposure, zoomed in 1/2 way through.

Calgary, panned the camera sideways 1/2 way through.
This is a high side view of the Heritage building... its really a nice building.

These are the stairs I walk up to to get to the C-Train, cool eh? And right behind it you can see the Alberta College of Art and Design!!


Cole said...

It looks freaking cold there. They pictures look awesome by-the-way. I love city-scape though.

Tony said...

Hey, great pics, just two of many experiences think what would have happened if you did nothing you know the answer
love ya kido

Jen said...

Great pictures!!

Love the title. Hope you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

no offence but your not very smart

Mel said...

Hey! Cole's right, it looks cold there! I know I know, you already told me just how cold it is, but's it is always a different thing when you can see or experience something for yourself. Keep yourself warm, perfect your ninja mask for keeping face from getting frost bite :) Love ya (pictures = crisp, I like 'em)

Mel said...

PS-whoever 'anonymous' is, I wouldn't worry about their opinion on 'smartness' level when they don't even know the difference between "your" and "you're" :P