Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The White Rabbit

First off!! I have an announcement... my little cute sister, Tiffany, just got accepted into a Fashion Design school in Ottawa, only 35 English and 35 French speaking students are selected accross Canada. AND! She got her class 5 license just this week as well!! SHe's getting all growed up on me... I'm so very proud of her :)

Now to explain the name... I keep meaning to mention it just cause its a curious thing... about a week or two after moving here, when I turned onto my street and was walking up it to my house, I literally followed a white rabbit home. He was hopping just in front of me, and once I got to my house he took off... it was crazy. And last night when I got home he was sitting in my driveway, and when I got there he went off... I would've followed him, but I am so doggone sick right now. Other crazy things I've seen... a squirrel running along a powerline... weird.

Seriously, so sick right now... it started Monday morning, and its gotten worse with every passing day :S and of course I've had to work the past 4 mornings as well... but tomorrow I don't have work or school so its deffinetly a PJ day

There isn't really alot to report... my roommate's hockey team won the minors tournament, which is pretty cool!! His g/f bought me flowers, I took some macros of them so they might get up on my DA. AFter winning the game the team came over to the house... there was 30-40 ppl in the house and it didn't quiet down till 5:30 a.m. OR I just passed out (of exhaustion :P) by then...

I go to Edmonton this Saturday for Shay's house warming party! Very excited!! AND!! I get in to PG on the 17th at 9:40 a.m.!!! Man these 11 days cannot go by fast enough... I miss Kantana and my family, my friends, and mostly I miss Dustin sooooooo much.

Anywyas, thats all for now folks!!

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Cole said...

Well If you miss your friends just come to Vancouver:D Jk hope you have a great time in Edmonton.