Monday, February 11, 2008


So! I went to Edmonton this Saturday Sunday as many of you know for Shay's house warming party!! K, so silly me I didn't take any pictures of her home :S But below I will post pictures of my stay!! Very fun!!!

Shawna and her cute puppy Sprite!! Sprite... like those little magic fairy things!

Don't I look damn hot in coveralls? Eh? Eh?

Napping with the puppies...

Look mom!! I let someone else cut my hair!!!

With kitchen shears... please don't cry mommy!!

Shawna Dezeray Ashley after a few jello shooters... we made tonnes (peach, cherry, blue raspberry and lime!) but I took no pictures of the pretty things... dammit.

Dennis and Shawna... its too bad you can't see the rock he bought her, may she never backhand me I'd need 8 stitches.

Its Sprite! She's so gosh darn cute!!

Shay and me nappin with the pups!

Jake, Duke and Sprite all learned how to look out the window at traffic!!!

So as you can see much time was spent lying around with the cute puppies!! They're actually 1 1/2 years, and Jake and Duke are Shawna's parents puppies but they're all from the same litter. Their house is great, I absolutly love it. And to add to it Shawna and I found a door mat that says "GO AWAY" so Dennis is quite pleased. It was so nice to see my friend, but it wasn't long enough and I dont' see her often enough... hopefully I'll get back soon though :)


Jen said...

I'm so glad you had fun!!

I can't even think of anything else really to say other than that. Hopefully you can get back to edmonton soon.

I love you!! I will call soon.

Anonymous said...

Kitchen sheers? You have got to be kidding. Bad Dezeray you could of at least found some sewing scissors. Hope you didn't cry on her. Love you Mom

Cole said...

hahah Wow, that's pretty awesome.I am so glad you had a awesome time. You are growing up you let some one else cut your hair.