Friday, October 06, 2006

Sick and lovin tired of your lovin around!

Sometimes theres only one little four letter word you can use... love.

Love you, love this town, love this mother lovin car that keeps lovin breaking down.

Tee hee... such a funny song.

Anyhoo... I'm sick.. again/still. however you want to look at it, but I've had enough of it.

Got to see Mel today, made me so happy.

Also watched my mom warm up her horse, but not ride cause I was way to cold and sick.

It was my ONE night off and I spent it in here cooped up updating my deviant art site.

The least YOU could do for me is look at it!

That is all... if anyone has any ideas for a persuasive presentation for me..... lemme know.

Good day.

1 comment:

becca said...

Dez, look at this picture if you get a chance:

I love it! It was from the National Geographic...look closely, and you can see the little white camels beside their shadows!

Also, check out 'cause it's so urban legends website, and that's their photography section. Mucho cool.

Love ya, babe. Miss you tonnes!